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About Nets Printwork

Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd is an award winning company, established in 1997 to provide a complete solution for the marketing, communications and publishing needs at competitive prices and fast turnaround time.In 2009, we changed from conventional printing to eco printing and introduced NetsEco as the green arm of Nets Group of Companies. Our focal objectives are set on conserving resources, reducing waste, planting recycling seeds into young minds, and creating a higher demand for eco industries.

Working in strong collaboration with local and overseas counterparts, Nets Printwork has taken the lead in providing value added services such as SIRIM Eco Label and carbon footprint for printed material.

Nets Printwork is certified with ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). We are also the award winner for Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award (PMHA) 2010/2011 – Notable Environmental Performance Award and SME Award, PMHA 2012/2013 – Notable Environmental Performance Award. Recently, the recipient of 1-Innocert (Innovation for Enterprise Rating and Transformation), Global Excellence in Management Awards 2013 (GEMA 2013) – Excellence in Eco Innovation Management Award and Malaysia GreenTech Award (MGA) Industry Award conferred by Malaysian Green Technology Corporation and Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia.

For a “total eco solution” service in creative design, printing and marketing that also respects environmental preservation in its business integration, add Nets Printwork to your list of favourites.