Nets Printwork’s Scores 86 in Pilot ACCESS ESG Index


Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd (Nets Printwork) led the way in the pilot 2021 ACCESS ESG Index of SMEs in Malaysia, attaining a score of 86 out of an average SMEs score of 43.5. Nets Printwork was ahead in 29 out of 30 indicators, encompassing 10 social and all the nine Governance, nine Environmental as well as the one Finance (SDG & F) indicators.

This achievement in attaining the advanced level rating, the highest spectrum in the ACCESS ESG Index, reflects the ambitious agenda of Nets Printwork in achieving its sustainability goal.

The ACCESS ESG Index, a pilot programme developed and organised by the United Nation Global Compact Malaysia and Brunei, SME Corp and the University of Nottingham Malaysia, measures SMEs total progress towards achieving their Environment, Social, Governance & Finance (SDG & F) performances through a set number of indicators – nine for environmental, 11 for social, nine for governance and one for finance. The score indicates the level of achievement in attaining the set SDG & F goal. A score of between 0-24 indicates the beginner level while a score of between 25 – 49 and 50 – 74 meant the elementary and Intermediate level respectively. A score of between 75-100 indicates the advanced.